The necessity of Online Travel Booking System for Travel Companies

Nowadays online ticket bookings (flight booking, hotel booking, rental car booking, holiday packaging), finding the right travel agent, route mapping have become a regular practice for everyone.

Online Travel market has got an exceptional wave of growth and carried a change in the perception of users like booking tickets, planning the trips etc. Mobile applications have played the major factor to bring a change in the consumer’s behavior. Mobile Applications are also helping in increasing the business of travel industry. So now it has become vital for all the travel agents, travel businesses, travel companies to reach out to their users through a customized, reliable and cost effective way.

Ticket Booking System allows travel agents to provide customer service including quick search, response capabilities, booking details track, payment details etc. Travel Booking System will be integrated with all the suppliers; this can be done a travel company. That will help travel agents to select, view, modify, analyze in real time. It helps travel companies for error free bookings. And also errors can be corrected through the interfaces.

Here are the few benefits of having a travel booking system for travel companies.

Easy Booking Process
Easy booking turn the booking process in a simple interface and helps in increase of direct bookings.

3rd Party Supplier Connectivity
Travel Booking System integrated with all the major 3rd party suppliers namely GDSs, LCCs, Consolidators, and Aggregators

Auto Ticket Generation
Automatically creates tickets so agents can get back to helping customers quicker.

Advanced reporting
Advanced Reporting gives you access to a set of dynamic reports that are based on your product & customer data.

Centralized Mid-Office System
Travel agency management software- which provides travel businesses with tools to manage day to day agency tasks, starting from operations to revenue acquisition management

TravelPD is a premier travel technology company with a focus on delivering world class technology products to the travel companies, specialized in travel domain. Our product is a proven platform with several travel organizations across USA, UK, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Africa and Latin America.

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